Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We don't need no "Like"

Many companies are now immersed in a Facebook arms race. Frito-Lay recently set Guinness record for Facebook “Likes”, getting 1,571,161 “Likes” in 24 hours. That’s pretty impressive, yet setting aside the excitement of making it to the Guinness World Records, is it all that important?

“Like” is easy. Too easy. 

A swift click of a mouse and you’re moving on to the next person-falling-into-water-video or really-cute-friend-haircut-photo.

A “Like” in itself has little value. 

Today’s hyper-connected, always-on, information-overloaded world calls for a well thought out, integrated engagement strategy that builds on real discussions and top notch content.

Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman, recently gave an excellent talk about changing the nature of authority. Steve noted that more content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003(!). Everyone is a writer, a video producer, a reviewer, a commenter. 

So who do you trust when you make your buying decision? Who's the expert?

Becoming a subject matter expert has become so much easier – content distribution costs have gone down to practically zero.

Becoming a subject matter expert has become so much harder anyone can create and disseminate content. 

Experts have become the most precious marketing assets. I wholeheartedly agree with Steve’s first step to success: “elevate the experts”!

Authority in the Age of Overload
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