Friday, December 31, 2010

A blog is born

Well, here we go. My first personal blog post. As a marketer, I've been using social media extensively for a good number of years. I have always thought of social media as a great way to engage with customers and influencers. At Zend, the company I currently work for (as head of marketing), we have seen some really good results from our social media efforts. We communicate with thousands of people using Facebook and LinkedIn, we disseminate great educational content through blogging, webcasting and podcasting, we interact with our community via Twitter and we do a fair amount of promotion through paid ads on various social networks.

But while I've been immersed in social media since the beginning of (social) time, I have never taken the time to write my own blog.

Why start now?

In one word: Seth. In two: Seth Godin.

I've been following Seth Godin for a number of years. Reading his most recent post "What did you ship in 2010?" got me thinking about all the things I shipped in 2010. And I shipped a lot! We had two major product releases, a hugely successful user conference, we over-delivered on our lead targets, and made substantial improvements to our website, our email programs, marketing metrics, and more. Yet another year has gone by, and I still don't have a blog where I can share some of my experiences and views on the new world of marketing.

So I decided to ship.

Welcome to my blog.